Saturday Seminar - College to Corporate Program

Saturday Seminar - College to Corporate Program

It was such an awesome start to our College to Corporate program. The first batch of students to have attended the seminar had wonderful time, learning about the gaps that needs to be covered while graduating from college and entering into the corporate world.

Here are some of the things which the students learned during the session:

1. Different ways a software developer can earn a living in the industry.
2. Stages of a developer in Software Companies.
3. Sharing of Avg. Packages in the IT industry.
4. Planning a career that makes sure the career is not dependent only on job.

Students were also introduced to visualisation techniques to help them in their career.

A mini workshop was also conducted where the students learned how to make an android app. They learned to develop a live app and even played around with it.

Here is what the students had to say about the seminar.

Almost all the student are super excited to join us again for their Summer Training.